Learn about us and what we do best.


Our mission


To make kickass blasters

So who are we?


Nerfmancer is Sean Berry - also known as Vim Fuego and vimfuego2000 - a graphic design professional for over 20 years with an interest in prop-makng and scale-model building that has, after several dormant years, been reignited by Nerf blasters.

Nerf blasters?


Yeah, they shoot soft foam darts. All of the blasters featured on this site are 100% operational, and some even more-so due to the 3rd-party performance parts we install in them.

Like the kids use?


Yes, but these are not for kids. These aren't for anyone without the common sense to not run around with them in public. The performance-enhanced blasters may also be excluded in some competitions and nerf-wars. All of the blasters are mainly for display or use by cosplayers, roleplayers and other actors in controlled environments where everyone is aware that replica weapons are in use. The appearance of these customised toys may be illegal in certain states or countries, and while certain modifications can be made to comply with local laws it is up to the buyer to ensure the legalities surrounding the use and transporting of the blaster in their location.

Our History

A friend at work shows me a few examples from his blaster collection. Instantly intrigued.
I buy my first blaster - a Zombie-strike Hammershot. Several purchases, retail and second-hand, follow.
Jun 2015
The first cosmetically enhanced blaster, a Deploy CS6, is unveiled.
Feb 2016
First shell modification is completed - a Flipfury. While the Maverick Relic's shell was technically modified, it didn't fundamentally change the shape of the blaster.
Apr 2017
First performance-enhanced blaster is completed - The Hammershot OMW Edition.
Oct 2017
The idea of Nerfmancer is born.